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babyson / soria- 2nd generation

wanted since 

1999 - Wanted Junior



New style, BGirl, Abstrack

Soria aka Babyson, a unique and worldwide renown artist, is the first B-girl who became a female world champion thanks to her victory at the Battle of the Year in 2001 in Germany. Coming from the suburbs of Paris, she met Wanted Posse in 1999 and has been improving by dancing with the crew ever since. As a symbol of femininity in hip hop dance, she has been chosen by famous artists such as Mariah Carey for her European Tour and also prestigious brands such as Nike, Rexona or Ecko for their marketing campaigns (advertising, sponsoring…). 

wanted junior

Wanted Posse wanted to create an elite of young dancers so that those latter would become consummate dancers in the future and perpetuate the hip hop dance art of the company. To do so, a few members of the first generation of dancers taught this art to young talents. That is how Babyson, MaMson, Joyson, Marson, Jamson, Lilson, Meason and Ganson emerged beside nine dancers already members of the dance company. Together they created the famous “posse”:  more than fifteen dancers bringing a new mood and energy.

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