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MAMSON- 2ND gEnEration

wanted SINCE 

1999 - Wanted Junior



House Dance, New Style, Break Dance

He started to dance in Noisiel in 1996. He began with breaking and was quickly spotted by Wanted Posse in 1999. After he joined it, the crew gave him the name of “Mamson”, which represented a turning point for him, for his vision of dance changed. The desire to learn and discover new horizons led him to Hip-Hop (New Style) and House Dance. Here is a glimpse of his victories: House Dance International 2010 New York / Cercle Underground 3 2010 / House Dance UK 2010 / Funkin' Stylez 2011 Germany / Juste Debout Steez 2012 / World Dance Colosseum 2012 Japan.

wanted junior

Wanted Posse wanted to create an elite of young dancers so that those latter would become consummate dancers in the future and perpetuate the hip hop dance art of the company. To do so, a few members of the first generation of dancers taught this art to young talents. That is how Babyson, MaMson, Joyson, Marson, Jamson, Lilson, Meason and Ganson emerged beside nine dancers already members of the dance company. Together they created the famous “posse”:  more than fifteen dancers bringing a new mood and energy.

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