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jamson - 2ND gEnEration

wanted SINCE 

1998 - Wanted Junior



Break Dance

The video clip “Tout n’est pas si facile” by NTM (French rap crew) revealed his passion for dance. He met Wanted Posse during a workshop in Noisiel. In addition to the feeling he has while dancing, his energy and determination allowed Jamson to join the dance crew. Since 2013, he is also the artistic director of the record company Keyzit.​

wanted junior

Wanted Posse wanted to create an elite of young dancers so that those latter would become consummate dancers in the future and perpetuate the hip hop dance art of the company. To do so, a few members of the first generation of dancers taught this art to young talents. That is how Babyson, MaMson, Joyson, Marson, Jamson, Lilson, Meason and Ganson emerged beside nine dancers already members of the dance company. Together they created the famous “posse”:  more than fifteen dancers bringing a new mood and energy.

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