transe - creation 2006


artistic purpose


50 minutes 


artistic direction 

Ousmane Sy & Njagui Hagbe




Goyi Tangale



Soria Rem 
Njagui Hagbe
Hugues Lumengo 
Ibrahim Njoya 
Kim Masellu 
Ousmane Sy 
Mamé Diarra 
Junior Bosila 



Patrick Clitus



Harry James et Isabelle Joly


place of creation 

Théâtre de Corbeil Essonnes 


Since the night of times, Trance has accompanied Man in his evolution. From the time we became aware of the limits of our existence, we have constantly tried to tame death, to travel across the borders of the subconscious….driving us into states of altered consciousness known as the «Trance”. This “second” state, at the border of dream and ecstasy, gets real in numerous ways in our cultures and beliefs. 

From Shamanism to hypnotic trance, from voodoo to rites of passage, the expression of the desire of disappearing pushes back the body limits, the spirit tends to the abolition of the carnal envelope. 

In this show, we want to explore these various states of trance. We want to cause this trance through dance, voice, noise, rhythm…. in order to immerse ourselves in the world of the spirits where the movements are carried by “black anger”, where madness manipulates and quarters the body, where music hypnotizes and crystallizes the gesture. 

Let us move for a spiritual journey where trance could cause certain visions, where the barriers of the unknown are likely to be crossed... 


Production : Cie WANTED POSSE


Co-production : Corbeil-Essonnes Theater, Initiatives of urbain dance artists, Parc de la Villette, Fondation de France. General Council of Essonne.