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perla perlson - 3RD gEnEration

wanted SINCE 

2014 - third generation



House / Hip-Hop

Last member of the crew, it was during the “Summer House Dance Forever” that Perla officially joined Wanted Posse. The coming of this new member appeared to Hagson (founding member) and Mamson (member of Wanted since 1999) as obvious and logic. Therefore, Perla naturally joined the crew thanks to her technical skills and her fighting spirit. Now really active in battles, she is also a multi-skilled dancer thanks to her multidisciplinary formation (contemporary dances, traditional dances, urban dances).


As a dancer familiar with the stage, video clips and Tv shows, Perla has performed more than a hundred times for the past three years. As an example, she performed for the first part of the concerts of Sean Paul, Big Ali, Zaho, Disiz La Peste, Shana P, Anahy and Eve Angelie. You might also have seen her on the front cover of Cosmic Hip-hop special women 2012 magazine and in Okapi magazine in 2015.

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