artistic residency HYBRIDE 

Artistic residency : From september 12th to 16th 2016

at CCN de Créteil, 94 000

Public presentation  : september, 16th 2016

Studio du CCN de Créteil

artistic residency / Rehearsal show STEPS ON STRINGS

Artistic residency : From january 18th to 24th 2016 / Rehearsal : from february 4th to 5th février 2016

Haute école de musique, Lausanne

Show : February 6th 2016 at BCV Concert Hall, Lausanne


The artistic residendy during january 2016 lead to a show on february the 6th at BCV Concert Hall, Lausanne, Swiss. The performers were in front of a packed auditorium. Children and adults were confounded and really impatient and sensitive during the whole presentation. Wanted Posse's dancers, Brunos Dias (guitarist, one of the creator of Steps on strings with Hagson), Marie Ricarte (classical dancer) and all the other musicians, have appreciated applause and the emotion of the audience at the end of the show. 

artistic residency show prohibition

Artistic residency : december 2015 


artistic residency and lighting design show Hybride

Artistic residency : December 2015 

Lighting design : from december 15th to 18th

Last show : november 28th 2015

Maison Daniel Féry, Nanterre 

Résidence Prohibition

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