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Hip-Hop New Style

It all began in the nineties. New jack was becoming popular, and a new passion was born for Kimson. He met Yoka (Wanted Posse’s second generation of dancers). Kimson and his brother (Dedson) were introduced to those who would become their “brothers”: Wanted Posse’s members. The crew made Kimson understand that the art of dancing aims more than sublimating music. It also reveals who we are without using words. By joining his new family, he found his way as an artist. Ahmada (Babson) brought in him the desire to spread his knowledge, while Yugson would teach him New Style.

Strong and unfazed

Coming from Noisy, he naturally began to practice with the crew. He was such a mascot for Wanted Posse when he was younger. Today, as a talented choreographer and as a dancer who specialized in hip hop and breaking, Kimson has a technic that makes him a strong and unfazed element of the crew and an irreplaceable member. 

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