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hagson / njagui - FOUNDING MEMBER

wanted since

1993 - founding member



Hype, Break, House Dance

Njagui aka Hagson, from the city of Marne la Vallée, is one of the founders of the famous crew Wanted Posse (founded in 1993). As a dancer and a choreographer (particularly renown for his work at the cabaret Les Folies Bergère in Paris), he won a lot of competitions with Wanted and the breaking international championships BOTY in 2001. First a hype dancer, then a breaker, he is now a house dance expert. Today, as the manager of Wanted Posse, Hagson is becoming a producer in the event industry and is developing dance projects (Cercle Underground, Vertifight, Boot dance camp…).



Hagson, originally known as Njagui, who could manage to dance hip-hop, realized that he actually didn't really know how to dance when he saw Ahmada (Badson) demonstrating. But then, he became passionate about dancing. Ahmada took him under his wing, and both worked together on choreographies, while Njagui would learn steps and practice his freestyle.



Hagson and Yugson are the oldest active members of Wanted Posse. They belong to the main core of the dance company. Hagson is the crew’s manager and Yugson fully supports the new generations.  

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